“As a clinical psychologist who has worked with patients of all sorts of health issues, I wish I had had a book like this one to recommend for my clients. The author, Lori Batcheller, a physical therapist and writer, has combined both of her professions into a wonderful, easy-to-read book with an accompanying relaxation CD.”
Dr. Patricia Ferguson [Read the full review]

“[Lori] uses the concept of the mind, body and spirit connection — to use a journal as a tool to reach your optimal level of health and well being… This was timely for me to read since my fibromyalgia has gotten worse again… Now that I’ve read the book, I fully intend to use it as a guide for my own journaling.”
Sherye Hanson [Read the full review]

Journey to Health is an easy-to-follow guide for using journal-writing to improve health and well-being.”
Jack Canfield, co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Packed with useful tips and helpful information, this book offers a fun, creative approach to discovering and removing the blocks that limit our physical, emotional and spiritual health.”
Noah St. John, author of ” Permission To Succeed

“Lori Batcheller’s passion for writing as a pathway to body/mind/spirit health shines through the pages of Journey to Health. Each specific exercise is carefully explained in a nurturing way that feels like ahand on your shoulder. The author’s education and experience are impressive and her natural talent for organization a plus for those needing gentle but direct journaling guidance. Highly recommended for your healing journey.”
Eldonna Bouton, author of Journaling from the Heart: A Writing Workshop in Three Parts and Loose Ends: A Journaling Tool for Tying up the Incomplete Details of Your Life and Heart.

Journey to Health: Writing your Way to Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being is a very clear and concisely written book which has been used with striking results privately and through workshops. Both the book and CD offer us excellent tools to stop and look at our lives in unique ways and discover new ways of healing. Journey to Health provides us with an open-ended self-integrating process whereby each person has the opportunity to begin the journey of healing previous trauma and illness, and to find and redefine the direction and meaning of our lives.”
Reuven Goldstein, Lic. MT, M. Acup. Lic./Dipl. Acup.

“With her deep understanding and compassionate skill Lori, like an adept scout, will lead you through the emotions and memories of your life that you wish to heal. Following her guidance can bring you clarity, peace and new self-awareness. It’s good to buy the book; it’s even better to use it.”
J. insui Giehl, Life Transformation Coach