Rosa Blooms is a spiritual picture storybook filled with the wonder and joy of childhood as a little wild rose seeks to find her place in the natural world. As all youngsters do, she questions and learns, and in some cases, endures, the difficulties of growing up. Lush illustration brings the environment of the Colorado Flatirons to the story of the little scrawny bush that has a beautiful and much bigger future.

Author Lori Batcheller writes with sensitivity and authenticity about the need for patience and trust as Rosa grows into her true self. Rosa Blooms is a pleasurable story that affirms the dignity of the little wild rose and the children, and adult children, who can identify with her struggle.

Full color illustrations depict the Flatirons of Colorado, the local flora and fauna, and the seasonal weather of the region.

This is a delightful story about Rosa’s process of self discovery. It touches upon many emotions: wonder, envy, longing, frustration, excitement, and happiness. Through Rosa there is much to learn about the rhythm of nature in the Flatiron Mountains of Boulder, Colorado. My four-year-old loved the story and drawings, while I was moved at a deeper level. “Rosa Blooms” made me laugh, ache with empathy, then cry with joy as she finally learns her life’s purpose. It is a wonderful book with appeal for any age.
~ Bobbi Unger, Milwaukee, WI

This fun book helps children learn from asking good questions. The story about Rosa celebrates the wild rose which is native to the Flatirons of Boulder, Colorado. Rosa is searching for her place in the world and discovers that all she needs to be is who she is–and bloom. The colorful illustrations combine with the well-done words from Lori Batcheller. Children will love this story and want to read it over and over.
~ Terry Whalin, Highlands Ranch, CO

This is a beautiful children’s book with lovely and lively illustrations. Children will love it, and adults will enjoy reading it too! It heightens one’s awareness of nature, of the ways of the world, and of the need to just let go and trust in the universe! Rosa Blooms reassures us that we are part of nature and that everything has its unique purpose and will bloom at just the right time. This delightful book leaves you with a smile on your face and a good feeling inside!
~ Rebecca Dashevsky, Boulder, CO

Mother’s House Publishing, Colorado Springs, August 2015